Monday, February 29, 2016

Sometimes Things Just Fall Apart.

So, the big op didn't work out quite as we wanted. This is how it started...

The alliance found Wolf Rayet C6 and decided to run it in thrashers and T3Ds. We ran some sites and then the residents decided to drop a carrier into the site and escalated the site. Well we weren't going to take that sitting down. So, we brought in Ishtars and reinforced their tower.

Now, my previous post is the next day with us getting forces in and trying to set up another tower to stage out of. The previous tower wasn't properly stronted and came out of reinforce at a time we could not defend. So, second tower it is. This was just the start of our bad luck. And lack of planning didn't help. But snap decisions to try and evict a Russian corp out of their C6 is pretty much our thing.

Anyways, No Fun was camping the entrances and sniping our scanning ships as the connections all went EOL and collapsed. So, we have a couple guys in the hole with no scanning ships trying to find a way to get more people in with the second tower. So, one guy is scanning in a mammoth and another in a phobos and we get a chain back out. Of course this chain is full of camping stealth bombers and sabres. But we get stuff in and set up the tower but someone forgot the stront again. No worries, we can make a run and get more.

Well, this is when the neighbors in the C5 we just opened up decided to YOLO a shield tanked Nag into a Wolf Rayet and start shooting our new POS before moonwalking out. The tower quickly goes into the 2 hours of reinforce the stront we had gave it. Now, the Russians wake up and grind down that POS with their caps. End result is we have no POS and random dudes just logged off in space.

The next day we extract and find a way out and back home while evading the Russians camping the holes and setting up bubble traps. I find a way out through a frig hole and get my two characters that I brought out into null where I quickly find a C2 into a C3 back into high sec.

So, op was not a success but we did learn some lessons about wormhole sieges and the value of proper planning. But don't worry, this didn't dent our confidence and we're back on another deployment. One that has been a bit better organized.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Command Room

So, sitting in what has become the command room in the alliance teamspeak server. We have big things happening in the next few days that I'll be able to report on after it's done. Op Sec and all that. Needless to say we decided to jump both feet into something before checking the depth of the water. Which of course is the Dredd way. So, keep tuned and I'll have more to report.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Arms Dealers

Been a long time since the last update. I'm going to try and be a bit more dedicated to writing. Gotta get past the idea I have to post only really interesting things. I like reading about people's average days in eve so maybe someone else will as well. So, here goes...

We've become arms dealers. Our fearless leader threw this up on eve reddit. We unloaded a good deal of our stock on hand of T3 dessys today with more in production right now. So, a lot of planning and hauling was done by the alliance. Hands down I think this is the best way to monetize wormhole life. By taking the gas and salvage to the next step of T3 production you add an enormous amount of value. That is not counting the billions in blue loot we've pulled in. The machine this alliance has become is impressive.

We buy the mats from line members so they get paid then run the production and the profits go to the alliance warchest. The end result is individuals get wealthy and have some ISK in their pockets and also the alliance has the funds to provide 100% of the ships for our PVP fleets. Also, free skill books and a ton of PVE ships to hand out to members running sites or gas harvest.

From what I can tell this is a rarity in EVE. An alliance that really does go all out in making sure its members have all the tools to maximize their daily activities. All we need is for people to undock, make ISK, shoot our enemies and basically have fun. By having fun they get paid and the alliance gets paid. It's not top down or bottom up income. It's a back and forth of people supporting one another which creates a lot of buy in.

So, this started as a what have I been up to and turned into an explanation of our alliance's philosophy.

If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of check out and/or talk to a recruiter in game.