Thursday, June 16, 2016

Daily Incentives

Have the recurring opportunities gotten people into space and driven conflict? I'm not sure about others but it has for me. There have already been a few encounters with other WH dwellers that were hunting or avoiding being hunted that I would not have interacted with if I had not been traversing our chain to get that sweet sweet 10k sp. They haven't lead to kills but they have lead to bits of excitement. 

In one case the site running Raven I tackled jumped the hole and when I followed he was with 4 more of his brethren and so I noped out in my lone svipul.

In another case I found Exit Strategy camping my way back in and got to evade bubbles and people trying to decloak the Endurance my indy alt uses to kill belt rats for the daily.

In many more cases I log in to kill the rats for the bonus sp and end up talking to and doing stuff with my alliance mates. It's pretty easy to sucked in even if you logged on with the intention to only play the few minutes to get the daily done. 

I don't know if my experience is representative of the eve population as a whole but I can't be the only person this is working for either. 

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