Friday, October 17, 2014

Exploring the Backyard.

Wormholes aren't just useful to explore but also make a great way to get deeper into K-Space. Taking out my Helios I decide to go on a bit of a jaunt. I find a wormhole in my local area and decide to follow it to Null-Sec to see if I can ninja a few relic sites. I pop up deep in the backwoods of CFC territory.

Anyone around? No? Time to get down to the business of stealing their sites.

Bouncing from system to system I find a half dozen relic sites and a couple data sites and quickly fill my cargo hold with salvage and datacores in a little over an hour. The estimated value was 170 mil. I can likely get more than that by turning the salvage into rigs and using the datacores to fuel invention. Hopping back through the wormhole and I'm home, safe and sound.

Compared to wormhole exploration, deep null sec feels positively safe.

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