Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Day Trip

The other night I decided to take a break from my usual routine. Well, mostly take a break. There are chores to be done. Update market orders, Haul my PI, start up invention and production lines. With all the busy work out of the way I decided to do some wormhole roaming. Should I take out my Nemesis? No, it's time to dust of the old Venture and do some gas huffing.

Reading Von Keigei's Guide to Mining Gas (Mostly) Safely I refitted my trusty mining frigate and went out into the uncharted space. The first system out of High Sec is a C2 with about 15 sites up. The only thing I see when scouting out the system is a dead stick and a couple of mobile depots. Seems abandoned enough for my purposes. I find a gas site and start harvesting. Bailing out after 15 minutes or so before the sleepers come to defend their resources.

Back in my safe spot, I start scanning down more sites and think about how much I want the rest of that gas. Quick check on Eve Survival and I figure my Drake can handle the sleepers (I hope). In comes my battle cruiser. It's first time I've fought sleepers and things go well. The sleepers hit way above their frigate weight class but the Drake tanks like a boss so I clear the rats with ease and start salvaging. My Venture comes back in a clears the site. Same thing happens with my Drake clearing the sentries in an Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir site and I clear the gas out of that as well.

At about this time, Tripwire is telling me I have 5 minutes or before my entry wormhole collapses so I pack up and get back to high sec.

All told my haul was maybe 20-25 million ISK. Not terrible but not great either. The pay off of the expedition was doing something different and something, to me, very EVE like: Venturing into the unknown (pun intended).

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