Monday, September 29, 2014

Home Again

The wardecc finally wore down and safe life is back to normal. The most important part of this is that the POS is back up. It's funny how one can attached to things in a game about virtual spaceships.

Last week Sugar Kyle put up this post wherein she asks what does having a POS mean to you. Since we had, at the time, taken ours down it got me thinking. Why do we have this? Why does it seem like such a loss that some random merc corp pushed us to taking it down?

The easy answer is that having the POS means more efficient manufacturing and research. Getting every edge possible in those fields is important in the small margin world of manufacturing. This is doubly true since margins have decreased in the weeks since Crius was launched.

The main reason we have a POS though is because it IS home. It's a tiny slice of New Eden that is ours. We control that little space in that bubble completely. It ends up being the focus of almost everything our corp does. Even the little chores to keep it fueled (ice mining, PI and such) brings the corp together. It gives us a place to collaborate and help one another on our individual projects. Sure, we could do all that in an NPC station but it just wouldn't feel as unique and personal.

I think things like this are what make EVE compelling. In a game that is advertised as a sandbox it's nice to have your own castle.

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