Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Wardecc and an Opportunity

Well, half-way through my first Wardecc. It has certainly been less exciting than I had hoped. The day prior to the decc going live a couple of us got excited, loaded for bear and bought several dozen PvP fitted ships between us. Added the war target to our watch lists and waited for targets of opportunity.

That was last weekend.

Since then, I've barely seen our targets online at all. One dropped corp even. We're the industrialists. We should be the ones cowering in station and not the big bad High Sec PvP corp. We haven't even gotten a chance to try out our Procurer bait fleet doctrine. New Eden can be a strange place.

Turns out our target did log in long enough to take a contract to "protect" an indy corp in the midst of a POCO war with a Low Sec corp. Seems like a poor hire but not my ISK. The Low Secc-ers did reach out to us for intel which we were glad to give and got to talking. The one's we've talked to seem pretty relaxed and friendly. They seem to do a bit of everything and that sort of aligns with our Corp's mentality. Quite frankly it's just nice to chat with people from outside the Corp and get an idea of the larger world. The fact that there may be an opportunity here is an added bonus.

You see, I had been toying with the idea of direct sales of ships. I will admit that I stole the idea from Eve-Uni's PYOS program. Imitation is the best form of flattery, right? The issue is finding customers. Word of mouth seems to be an important part of this game. Especially in the case of contract sales. From the initial conversations they certainly seem interested in our manufacturing capabilities.

They are also all on board to work together to fight our mutual enemy. Which is how I found myself sitting in the station the war target's CEO signed off from in a bait fit Battle Nereus and a Blackbird as a backup as I write this. We just missed the target before he signed off but hopefully seeing a "helpless" indy target in station with him will make him a bit reckless.

So, lesson for today. MMOs like WoW will give you content all day. In EVE you make your own. Keep an eye out for opportunities because no one else will do it for you.

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