Monday, February 9, 2015

The post where I ramble on...

I really ought to write more. It's one of those little things that when you get out of the habit it's harder to get back into it. Part of it was me being less disciplined then I should be and part because my life in New Eden the past few weeks has been less exciting than usual.

Both issues are in my control though.

So, what have I been doing lately my dear reader may ask. The quick answer is moving. Moving in Eve is a lot like moving in real life. You pack up your belongs that you have likely strewn across an entire region (or two) and consolidate them. Then you figure some way of getting those items from point A to point B. Typically in something big and slow and expensive like a freighter (the in-game equivalent of a U-Haul). Then you spend hours taking trips back and forth. It feels less like a game and more like a job. That's immersive game-play for you...

But being back in green (Gallente) space has been worth it. Although, I am missing Khanid. It was charming in a rundown, trailer park sort of way. We had our little low sec pit we lived in and got to troll around in HED-GP. Not terrible ways to spend a lazy evening. This problem is we out-reached our grasp and poked the wrong pirate corp which happened to be NC. pets/allies. We can hold our own but not when one of the big null-sec corps decides to start taking down POSes. So, with the trailer park on fire we get out before the coming tornado flattened our remaining assets.

So, bring back to being in control. Writing more is simply about sitting down and doing it. But, how does one make a life in space more interesting? Well, stop waiting for content and go make some. We haven't been doing our usual PvP roams so I decided to fit up a scram-kite incursus and head down to FW space with the intent of making ships explode. Turns out the exploding ship was mine this time but I learned some things and had a nice chat in local afterwards. All in all I call that a win.

Or at least a draw...

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