Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What Sec Are You?

We have a lot of divisions in EVE. Are you a carebear? Are you a pirate? Where do you live? I want to give a shoutout to those pilots that defy categorization.

Hello, I'm Orson Brawl and I'm a high sec, low sec and wormhole player. I do industry, trade, tech II manufacturing, exploration, incursions, small gang and solo PvP. I dip my hands in everything. I log on each day and decide what part of this huge universe I want to explore. I have chores and I have labors of love. I bear it up sometimes and my blood urges to go out and blow up ships sometimes. I play for stories. What did I do? What have I learned? I research enemies and potential allies. I EFT warrior. I go out and explode. I build relationships and I shoot people in the face. I blob and I get blobbed. I make ISK and lose ships. I forge my own path and join others. I lead and I follow. Most of all I have fun, make friends and write stories.

If you identify with any of this. You're normal.

Don't accept other people's ideas of what EVE is. Make your own path. Your own fun. Your own game.

If you see me in space, give me a "o7" or shoot me. Either way, we create content. We create memories. We create the reasons why we stay in this crazy game.

Let's go out and create OUR game.

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  1. Very true, I hate when people tell me I need to pick a path.