Friday, April 3, 2015

Playing with Big Ships

Well, I took my first step into owning capitals and bought a Rorqual today. Now, I have had an Orca for a long time but is only nominally a capital ship. I got a Providence freighter a few months back but those things can go through hi-sec. This time I got a honest to goodness, can't go into hi-sec, uses a jump drive, Capital.

Now, the tricky thing with capitals is that the ones for purchase are in Low or Null. And they may be not where you want them to be. Which means taking a series of cyno jumps to where you want them. And that has to be in Low or Null. Where people can kill you. This made me nervous. I just spent a couple billion and I have never done anything involving cynos.

So, I did what I always do. Research it. Read guide after guide. Checked out contracts as well as sell orders in every nearby region. Checked DotLan to plan potential routes. Looked up the docking radii of all the stations on my proposed route. The activity levels. Finally, I pulled the trigger and found one at a reasonable price just 3 cyno jumps away from where I wanted it be. Waited for quiet moments and made the three jumps.

So, what am I getting for my 2 billion and change investment? Well, I'll be able to provide jump clones to alliance mates and other friends. Why grind standings when you can make those clones with a mere multi-billion ISK ship? I should also be able to provide sweet sweet mining boosts for alliance mining ops if we ever start them again.

But the main reason?

Because it looks cool and I've wanted one ever since I started playing eve and was in my first mining and industrial ships. So, I can mark that goal off my list. Oh and it transforms and that should be reason enough.

So, in my tradition of naming such vessels after horribly doomed industrial space ships from media (my Orca is the Nostromo), I present to you the Ishimura:

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