Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What does it mean to own space?

So, with the upcoming sov changes due to release this summer there will be a lot of people looking to own a bit of space in null-sec. Whether they will be successful or not remains to be seen. This and a conversation I had got me thinking about what "owning" space means.

I'll warn you that I haven't figured it all out and the following is just the start of my thoughts.

In EvE you can mechanically own a system by claiming sov. However, that does not mean you really own it. You could be there only by the grace of some greater power whether by renting it or simply because they want you as a buffer or as content for their members.

On the other hand, you CAN own space even where there is no mechanical way to do so. Wormhole groups certainly don't let a lack of sov mechanic stop them from claiming wormholes as their own. Low sec groups and NPC null groups can dominate large portions of space even though they nominally under the control of NPC factions.

I would say ownership of space comes down to being able to use the space as you see fit AND having the power to protect that ability. Other people may live there but it is by your grace and they could be ejected if that is what you desire. This could take many forms. It could be the industrial alliance that wants to build and mine. It could be the safe haven for a pirate corp to rat and run sites to fund their PvP habit. It could be building a mighty POCO empire for passive income.

I will also point out that not everyone wants to own space and it isn't necessary to really do much of anything in the game. You can raid other people's space for minerals or sites. Or raid it for content by getting fights from them. You can do this as a nomad or being settled in an NPC station. You could have the ability to control the space but would rather just let people come and go as they please.

So, in the end, I think that "owning" space might be as much of a mindset as it is anything you can do in game.


  1. Hey Orson! Glad you commented on my blog... thought I say hi and return the favor.

    Speaking as a 4 year vet of life in holes I can say you hit it on the head. Living in Anoikis doesn't 'improve' our space... we don't have any fancy mechanical 'flags' ot doomaflagies we can plant to increase Sleepers or Sites or Ores n shit... and IMHO we don't want em either... we aint Sov Null, we are the Wild West, the untamed frontier, the Outback, the Deadly Deeps in the Black... we make a fine livin' off the land as 'tis...

    No, our just living there is enough... we build and defend our homes in the black we setup the POCOs and run some of the most lucrative PI available in EVE, we run our sites and we mine our gas and ores... again, some of the lucrative available in the game.

    And best of all we don't have any CONCORD or Null Sov interference... at all. Yes this means we don't have markets or jump clones... and again, IMHO these are things we really don't need, they would break the real Frontier quality of Anoikis.

    But yes, owning a system in Anoikis, like Neuvo Casa our C4, is just like the lines people draw on maps between say, England and Ireland... those too are more a mindset and a belief system... cause you sure can't see em from space. =]

    I know you have been bloggin most of a year now, but welcome to the blogshere man! We can always use a fresh voice at the table. =]

    1. I love WH's myself. Just moved back into one a couple weeks back and it's great. The big draw for me is being forced to be self-reliant. That and planning and scouting are the most important skills and can be done effectively no matter old of a toon people have.

      Thanks for comment, man. It's nice to know that this thing gets read even if I don't keep it as freshly updated as I should.