Monday, June 8, 2015

Nice Guy is Nice

So, EVE gets the (at times well deserved) reputation of a hive of scum and villainy in the MMO universe. But sometimes quite the opposite happens. This is a story of one of those times.

So, the alliance decided to move on into a wormhole. At first the idea was to find a base we could keep occupied with some characters and use it to do weekend ops. Go in, run some sites, get ISK. Maybe a little PvP on the side. However, the moment we found the WH we wanted we got wardecced. Again.

We decided against fighting another pointless hi-sec war against yet another griefer alliance. Instead we moved into the WH with most everyone and started living there full time. Well, I decided that living in a WH AND maintaining my K-space POSes was going to be too much work. I had done that before when I lived in the C1 a few months back.

So, I started dismantling my low-sec reaction POSes. On the 3rd POS, which was my staging POS for my Rorqual for low-sec mining ops, I got distracted after starting the unanchoring process on the tower and forgot about it.

Fast-forward a few days. I get an email from a random character saying he found my unachoring tower and had taken it. I was thinking we has going to be trying to get some ISK for finding it and selling it back to me. Turns out he was just being nice and held onto it to keep it safe. He contracted it back to me free of charge and just asked if he and his corp could get blue standings. They are apparently a small-ish indie corp that does a bit of low-sec content in our area. I agree to the standings and send a bit of ISK his way as a thanks.

In a game where there is no reason to not steal whatever isn't nailed down this guy decided to take the higher road and do a bit of space kindness.

The ganks and betrayals in EVE get the headlines but stories like this happen all the time too. So, keep fighting the good fight and fly safe out there!

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