Thursday, November 20, 2014

Luck or Lack Thereof

Just something I've noticed in my wormhole adventures. If I'm the only one in a WH I find plenty of targets that I can't tackle on my own. However, if I'm with a gang no targets are found.

Today I was finishing off the last site (huffing gas) in our C1. I hear the WH jump noise from the picket I set up and I pull my venture out of the site. Checking the picket I see an Onyx followed by a Loki and an Ishtar. The Onyx bubbles and they sit there. And they wait. I'm sitting about 40km of the hole at this point.

If the rest of the boys were on at the time we might have risked a fight. But I sure wasn't going to send my Stratios in there to die alone. So, They sit there. And I sit there. And we wait. Aboyt 45 minutes pass and they leave back out the static.

But not before sending a Helios in. No probes were ever launched so I suspect the scout is still in here. If they come back around I hope we'll have some more pilots available. The next few days could get interesting.

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