Monday, November 3, 2014

When Empty Space Isn't Empty

So, the Corp has decided to do a camping trip this month in a C1 to get used to wormhole life. The upcoming buff to low end wormhole loot and the addition of null-sec data and relic sites should also make this somewhat profitable.

This brings me to last night. I often roam wormholes in my stealth bomber to see if I can jump anyone. In the course of doing so I most often find abandoned wormholes. Now, I'm in my Helios looking for a suitable camping site for the corp and all I find are occupied holes.

Is this bad luck on my part or have people started moving into wormholes again with the announced Phoebe changes?

Either way, I'm 20 hops deep down the rabbit hole in some random C5 hoping to get a connection back down to lower class space.

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